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Olympic-level athletes of the mind

In his book ‘The Mindful Workplace’ Michael Chaskalson describes Tibetan Buddhist monks as ‘Olympic-level athletes of meditation.’ These Olympic level athletes of the mind were being brain-scanned by Western scientists who were staggered by the results they found.

The idea of Olympic-level athletes of the mind leapt out at me as I’ve been so impressed with the spirit in motion of the Paralympic athletes, their beauty, grace and disciplines of training.

This idea of Olympic-level athletes of the mind is a challenge to Christians who are to have ‘the mind of Christ’ (1 Corinthians 2:16). As Christians we are supposed to be able to have our minds ”filled to the measure of all the fulness of God.’ (Ephesians 3:19).We are to be in ‘strict training’ (1 Corinthians (:25).

And yet I don’t read of Christians being called Olympic athletes of the mind. Even though we believe in the transforming work of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God and God’s grace. We need to rediscover the  contemplative practices of our past, the ancient paths, and walk in them again.