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mindful of our Chilli thoughts and feelings

mindful of our Chilli thoughts and feelings

Mindful of our Chilli thoughts and feelings

As I looked at the beautiful chillies growing in our bathroom, it made me think of different people’s reactions to them. We have an international evening coming up where a range of curries from Asia and Africa will be available- all of them spiced with chilli. Some people will avoid the curries. Others will ask which the mild one is. And some will ask, ‘where is the really hot one?’
Sometimes our thoughts and feelings can be a bit like a red hot chilli, something we try and avoid. However, mindfulness faces, tastes and dissolves the thoughts and feelings we try to avoid.
And a bit like eating curry, the more we do this, the more our tolerance is to the more painful thoughts and feelings. As we are exposed to the taste of curries, we can begin to experiment with hotter ones. As we are exposed to the taste of our sharper thoughts and feelings, we can tolerate more and more painful ones – rather than avoiding them.
By facing them and tasting them, the amazing truth is that they begin to dissolve and lose their afflictive power in our lives.