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Coco Open Attentive and Learning

Coco Open Attentive and Learning

Coco asks for bigger photo for his blog

Coco the dog’s mindful thoughts (after being brain-scanned)

 We recently wired up our dog in order to find out what he thought – a sort of canine brain-scan. The clever computer was able to translate his stream of thoughts into English (although he does speak English: words such as walk, food, bedtime, outside etc).

 The punctuation was difficult to work out because it was a stream of consciousness, so I will try and represent it as faithfully as possible.

 I do love my family but I do want to be top dog and I am only the little dog but I think I might be able to dominate the smallest one I am going to try I do resent that I do not get the family food on the table because I am part of the family I do also resent that I do not get my own bedroom or even better get the bed that the mummy and daddy have I don’t mind them having a a little bit of it I do also like chasing squirrels but I don’t really know what I would do if I caught one maybe I could shake it like a sock I do like doing that maybe if I don’t eat my dog food they will give me human food because I am now one of them although I do like cheese and ham on my walks and I don’t mind rolling over for these treats or rolling on the lovely fox poo that they kindly leave in the park I do have a happy life, sleeping, eating and free running I do look forward to talking to you again….

Coco who is a cockapoo ( Cocker Spaniel/ Poodle cross) fell asleep at this point. We will try again later in the week. Image