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#mindfulness without meditation

#mindfulness without meditation

Here is a link to my article on PREMIER Mind and Soul about the work of Ellen Langer in the area of mindlessness and mindfulness.

One-Minute Icon -repairing our relationship with #learning

I know many people who have no confidence in themselves as learners

Take one minute to step out of clock -time and just look at the picture with open awareness.If your mind wanders bring it back to the picture. Allow the picture to move you from thinking to awareness.What comes into your awareness? I know many people who have no confidence in themselves as learners. Who carry around the idea that they cannot learn like a giant ball and chain. One of the damaging simplifications in the world of education is the dominant concept of the fixed nature of ability. Professor Guy Claxton argues that we all have a learning capacity that can be stretched. The future belongs to the learners… Here is a link to an article by Guy Claxton and Sara Meadows,’Brightening Up: How Children learn to be gifted.’ http://www.guyclaxton.com/documents/GT%20chapter%20final%20_3_.pdf Become like a child again, and relearn your giftedness.