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speaking #mindfully in pencil and not in indelible ink

speaking #mindfully in pencil and not in indelible ink

I like the requirement in the reading rooms of the British Library to write only in pencil, in order to protect the precious books. Ink marks the books and is indelible. It stains and cannot be removed.

When we speak to each other we should speak in pencil, kindly, compassionately and gently, as one learner might talk to another, as one beggar might share bread with another.

We should not talk to each other in indelible ink, as know-it-all’s speak to know-nothings, as angry, and self-righteous – believing there is only one perspective, ours and that it is right.

Speaking in pencils we don’t leave angry marks on other people, who are more precious than books, but mark as easily.