Mindfulness and Federer

Federer has won seven Wimbledon titles and seventeen Grand Slam titles. What you saw today was the legacy of living memory within his mind, heart and body of all that he had done previously, helping him to win again. This living memory is a distinctive of Christian mindfulness but can be seen in other areas, like sport. The Greek word in the New Testament for this living memory/remembering/mindfulness is mneme, from which we get our word mnemonic.

The good news is that Andy Murray is building that living memory within his mind, heart and body. In his own words he is getting ‘closer’. He has made a Wimbledon final, and he has won a set in a Grand Slam final for the first time – but he had other chances. He was playing someone, however, who had moved from thinking in playing to playing out of pure awareness without thinking – what the commentators have called the genius of Roger Federer.

I have never seen such support for a British player at a Wimbledon match, and many are saying that Andy has won an army of friends for his emotional response after the final. At a human level it was inspirational for all of us, because we all have fights we are involved in and we can be inspired in those fights,  whether with health or other issues, to never give up.

This will be a living memory for many, that will transcend the dulling that time brings. Federer had to play his best tennis to beat Murray, who never gave up. Andy mysteriously when he won his matches looked to the skies and raised his fingers in the air. No one knows except him what it means. But the One we lift our eyes too can lift us to our utmost for his highest – He is the living memory we need above all things in order to see what has been called the Glory of God – a human being fully alive.

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