The anxious shoal in my mind

Image In the sea of awareness in my mind fish swim in. Sometimes (often) one of them thinks there’s a shark in the sea outside the harbour of my head. Other fish-thoughts cluster anxiously to him.

I become that anxious shoal even though I am not that shoal, and I am bigger than that shoal of fish-thoughts. And there wasn’t even a shark in the water outside the harbour of my head.

But the shoal begins to tell the story of the shark that has got bigger, and more and more fish-thoughts gather and swim around frantically telling the untrue story about the shark that isn’t actually there.

Just in the corner of the bowl of my mind swims a little bright goldfish which taps the side of my mind and says, ‘you are bigger than these fish-thoughts and perhaps the shark isn’t actually there’. Suddenly the water calms and the shoal of fish-thoughts swim away and they have disshoalved.

More fish-thoughts swim into the harbour of my mind…the little gold Right-fish thought is still and still there.

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