autumn leaf-thoughts #mindfulness

autumn leaf-thoughts

What autumn leaf-thoughts are you clinging on to, that you now need to let go? Something from the past? Autumn leaves tell us that now is the time to let go of many of our unhelpful thoughts we no longer need to ruminate on. Sometimes they are well camouflaged and we don’t spot them.

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4 responses to “autumn leaf-thoughts #mindfulness”

  1. David says :

    Interesting thought. First the tree cuts of the flow of sap as if knowingly saying I have no more use for this leaf. Then in the richness of our the autumn colours the leaf changes and departs from the tree. A natural (and beautiful) letting go.

    • shaunlambert says :

      Brilliant additional thought about the tree cutting off the sap. Often the sap we feed the afflictive thought is not helpful rumination, but often negative and automatic.

  2. Sandra Delemare says :

    all those thoughts of past hurts – let them go, it’s the first step in the process of forgiveness. We can’t stop the thoughts popping into our heads, but we can refuse to feed them.

  3. shaunlambert says :

    Yes, forgiveness is one of the most important themes, thank you.

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