One Minute Icon 4 – am I unreconciled? #contemplation

reconciliation by shaun lambert

Step out of clock time for one minute. Focus on the painting. If your mind wanders, note where it wanders and come back to the painting. Where is your mind wandering? If the painting brings you into a new place of open awareness, what is it that comes to mind? Carrying unreconciled things is a heavy burden. (The embrace was inspired by a sculpture at Coventry Cathedral, a duplicate of which is in the Peace Garden in Hiroshima, Japan). (see also an earlier post in April, The Mystical Boat)

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2 responses to “One Minute Icon 4 – am I unreconciled? #contemplation”

  1. writerwannabe763 says :

    I found that I just couldn’t concentrate very long at all….and that is what was on my mind…Diane

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