One-Minute Icon – the owls in our head #fear

Are the owls in our mind that we hide from real?

Step out of clocktime for one minute. Take a good look at this owl. What does it bring to mind?

This owl is not real. It is a fake owl at a tube station there to scare the pigeons. We too have fake owls in our minds, that we take for real. We might imagine them in our own head, or imagine them out there somewhere waiting to pounce.

Maybe each time we see on our phone that we have an email, we fear it might be a critical one. Whenever the phone rings our first thought is it must be bad news.

We need to notice these owls in our heads, name them for the fears they are, and let them go. Perhaps it is the owl of rejection. What else might they be?

These owls keep us from taking risks, or believing in , or seeing  the good things around us. Just try to identify the main one that keeps you in fearful watching. When you name the owl and its unreal nature, it begins to fade and lose its power.

Stop hiding, and come out into the light.

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