The first five days of a book of sparks

Understanding Alice

I am finding my journey with a book of sparks to be a real encouragement.  For a start, it doesn’t have a to do list at the end of each chapter, which to begin with unnerved me a little, but I have found it has caused me to engage with what is being said for longer,rather than going tick tick tick, done… and forgetting it all.

There have been a few highlights for me over the past few days, and I thought I would share them with you:

The memory verse. When I read Mark 1:35, I thought, oh ok, Jesus spent time in prayer, yes, its another reminder that prayer is important. But then I stopped and read it slowly. That was when my mind opened, I could see Jesus getting up in the dark, suddenly awake with purpose, slipping out the house and receiving the solitude  full of his Father…

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