Haiku May 9, 2013 Kindness

Kind acts leave real ripples. Emotional drawing…

art prescription

One simple kind act

Like one pure drop of water

Ripples from center.

Art Prescription:  I don’t watch the news much. I think it sensationalizes negatives and leaves people feeling depressed about the world we live in….And that is just NOT the whole picture! People are good and generous, and acts of kindness occur daily all around us, they just don’t make the evening news! Be the water!

rain drop

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2 responses to “Haiku May 9, 2013 Kindness”

  1. beverlydyer says :

    Hi Shaun, Thanks for reblogging my post. I’m a nurse and an artist, and after my day spent at my RN job, yes emotional. I use my art to help me re-center!

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