You do not need to take a hammer to clay- #mindful non-judgemental compassionate attention

You do not need to take a hammer to clay- #mindful non-judgemental compassionate attention

As I look at the mountain and draw it meditatively, as a mindful awareness practice I can find a creative space. In that space little creative seeds emerge.

I saw the stone hammers of time had shaped archetypal triangles and squares that made a larger whole, as one might hammer a hang drum into musical shapes. The colours that emerged were not there visibly, but invisibly, the colour of feelings.

Take 15 minutes out of clock time and with pencil,or pen try to recreate the shapes. Focus your attention. As your mind wanders notice what it wanders to and bring it back to the drawing. This noticing is meta-awareness. If you have time, what colours would you paint the mountain?

Having a collection of water colour tubes that you play with on paper enables you to find your feelings. It’s a worthwhile investment.

When I do a meditative drawing exercise with people it is often the most revealing of all. What often emerges clearly is negative self-judgement…’I can’t draw, I’m not an artist…I’m useless at this.’ In the meditative drawing as you exercise your muscle of attention it is about the process not the outcome, but often we jump straight to negative judgement of the outcome.

We often give these negative thoughts the status of being an accurate readout of reality. And so we take them like stone hammers to our plastic brain. These thoughts are not an accurate readout of reality, they are passing events in the mind, like clouds that need to be noticed compassionately and non-judgementally and let go of. Do this and the stone hammer dissolves.

You do not need to take a hammer to clay.

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