Shaun is interested in mindfulness for health in secular psychology, helping Christians engage with mindfulness for health as well as the spiritual dimensions of mindfulness within the Christian tradition. He is keen to dialogue with those engaged with mindfulness from different perspectives. He has written ‘A Book of Sparks – a study in Christian MindFullness’ to enable this.

He also believes that mindfulness helps release our creativity, what he calls lyrical mindfulness. It is out of this belief he has written ‘Flat Earth Unroofed – a tale of mind lore’ which is first and foremost a story. The fantasy genre for children and teenagers is his favourite type of book.

Flat Earth Unroofed

The post-apocalyptic Land of Ge is ruled by a cruel despot with dark and mysterious powers. He is prepared to ravage the land and even sacrifice his own daughter, Mimne, to stay in power. Visit Flat Earth Unroofed website

A Book of Sparks

A Book of Sparks; a Study in Christian MindFULLness, comes out of one man’s personal journey of transformation. Transformation comes through what Shaun calls ‘mindFullness’.  Visit “A Book of Sparks” webpage

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  1. Esther says :

    Thanks Shaun really appreciated your sessions on Mindfulness at Spring harvest Minehead. Is it possible to have a copy of your slides. Many thanks.

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