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Is #mindfulness God-given?

A link to my recent article in the Baptist Times, Is Mindfulness God-given? In the light of the free online summit on mindfulness now running it is an important question.


Book review of P Gregg Blanton’s ‘Mind Over Marriage’ – neuroscience and contemplation

Here is a link to my review of P Gregg Blanton’s book ‘Mind Over Marriage’ which brings together neuroscience and contemplation via The Baptist Times Online http://www.baptist.org.uk/Articles/423638/Mind_Over_Marriage.aspx

A #Mindful Response to Remembrance

Here is a link to my article A Mindful response to Remembrance, which appeared in Baptist Times Online over the weekend:

preaching with presence

a link to my article at the Baptist Times – preaching with presence

This is a link to my article ‘preaching with presence’ via Baptist Times Online.

The dissolution of the moralities #moral memory

The dissolution of the moralities #moral memory


Click on the link above to go to a Baptist Times Online article I have just written on how we acquire moral memory as Christians. If we want to create a real community which shares Christ, Christlikeness, hospitality, service and attentiveness to the Other then we need moral memory.

Mind and Soul – Christianity and mental health

Mind and Soul – Christianity and mental health

An interview with Rev Will Van der Hart and Rob Waller, Consultant Psychiatrist, founders of PREMIER Mind and Soul which works at the interface of the church and mental health.

Today is World Mental Health Day, particularly focusing on depression. This is an interview of hope.

Rediscovering Christian contemplative practice part 2

Rediscovering Christian contemplative practice part 2

second article in Baptist Times serialising A Book of Sparks – A Study in Christian MindFullness, how we are shaped in the pattern of this world, the empty self as a construct of our consumer world