preaching with presence

a link to my article at the Baptist Times – preaching with presence

This is a link to my article ‘preaching with presence’ via Baptist Times Online.

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3 responses to “preaching with presence”

  1. Gralefrit Theology says :

    Hi Shaun. Would value your response to a comment toward the end of your article that linked a sermon script with fear, especially since I script when preaching but also sense that present moment you talked about. Thanks.

    • shaunlambert says :

      Hi thank you! I meant them as two separate points really. The paragraph about scripts was a challenge, with some journalistic exaggeration – and I accept it is possible to be in the moment with a script, and have a continuum of degrees to which one is tied to the script or free to be in the moment above it.
      Fear is a big problem for preachers, whether self inflicted, or aimed at preachers from others. A lot more could be said about resisting it, and being in the place of love. It’s an ongoing wrestle I think.

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